You must be in a situation where your cell phone needs repair but you cannot possibly rush to the nearest technician. You either do not have car at the moment or you cannot leave your workstation before the office hours ends. Also, you might have an important meeting that you cannot possibly imagine to miss or a dentist appointment where you are heading towards.
We understand a broken phone can make you practically handicapped and halt your smooth running life. You must have to make some important calls or email your clients.
You also desperately want to enquire after your kids or make a call to your wife. Going to a technician to get your phone fixed is not only time consuming but also requires patience to drive all the way towards the shop and wait for your turn to get your phone checked.
Cell Solution came up with a brilliant solution for your problem.
We understand how important your time is and we value it and therefore we offer door to door mobile phone repair services in Orange County California. Whether you are at home, at your office or at some public place, we send our technicians to you on just one call.
We have a team of technicians that are trained professionally and know their job well.
Our technicians can handle any problem regarding cell phone repair. We offer services such as iPhone repair parts, screen replacement, Samsung screen fix and charging port fix. We deal with repairing mobile phones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad and Samsung.

Mobile Phone repair is a lucrative business where you cannot trust your phone to just anyone. You must have some confidential data stored in your phone that you fear of losing them or getting in the wrong hands. Our technicians will work under your supervision and they carry iPhone repair kits and parts so that you do not have to worry to entrust your phone with them for even a day. We also have Samsung spare parts and our technicians can easily fix any problem ranging from charging port to screen replacement in less than an hour.
Samsung screen fix is practically nothing for our technicians who can deal with major problems.
So next time if you are stuck with a broken phone, choose Cell Solution and entrust your phones to our technicians for solid repairing services.
We know our job well and will not disappoint you in any way.
We have brought a breakthrough with our mobile services that are available at your doorstep. Call us now and experience an exclusive service of mobile repair at your convenience and chosen place.